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Perfect for fans of JK Rowling & Brandon Sanderson

Code of Rainbow
Book I

The world is beautiful because it's full with magic elements of seven types, each in a designated color - just like the rainbow code! That said, those colors could only be seen by some special eyes, such as Soarame's! 

Many animals in this world possess magic power, so they were called "magimals". A well-known example is dragons, and we all know how strong they are. However, they are still not the most powerful kind of magimals, because each type of magic has a king kind - and never underestimate a magimal just because it looks cute and little!

A Bit About Weiqi

While people may think “magic fantasy authors” are opposite to “scientists”, Weiqi Wang preserves his own opinions. As a D. Phil/PhD from Oxford University and a former data scientist in Stanford University, Weiqi loves to be both. After all, philosophy is to explain the world; some choose to use scientific languages, some put it also in fantasy.

This fantasy series is aimed at bridging magic fantasy with sci-fi, as a pioneer in this unique direction. It will show an immense magic world that may seem similar to that in a "pure" magic fantasy in the beginning, but become fundamentally different as the story goes on - more and more sci-fi elements will get into play!

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