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Motivations behind Code of Rainbow

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Dear Coders (short for "Code of Rainbow readers" :D)

I thought it was good to write something on how this fantasy series came out in the first place.

I like both magic fantasies and sci-fi stories, but I didn't really see a book that can contain the charm from both of them. I thought it's a good idea to write one myself, especially that I'm a scientist and happen to love magic stories at the same time. So I put together my thoughts on magic, my knowledge in science, plus what I learnt from other stories in either genre, to fertilize a world with a magic system that can actually make sense in scientific settings. This gave birth to Code of Rainbow series - in that sense, this series may be a really unique one.

The beginning of the story reads like pure magic fantasy because I chose to do so, but as the story goes, more sci-fi elements will kick into play, and finally the magic world is supposed to be harmonious even after the underlying scientific knowlege is revealed and integrated.

This idea actually dated back to about ten years ago (such a long time, I know!) Believe it or not, the first two books of this series had been written in 2010. Back then I was in my early scientific career - I was studying for my phd degree in University of Oxford, UK.

Not everyone cares to know that "phd" is called "D.phil" in Oxford and Cambridge, and it means "doctor of philosophy". The point is that philosophy is defined to be "the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence", so it's a big broad umbrella that covers most scientific research fields, if not all of them. But giving it a further thought, "the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence" is far from being sufficiently explained by the current state of science, due to the limitation of our knowledge to the nature and truth. In fact, there are quite some factual phenomena that actually dis-obey our current scientific theories or understandings. This indicates a possibility that there can be more philosophies to explain the world, alternative to the mainstream one (aka science). Hence I've been putting this thought into my books, and the alternative philosophy here is a well-known word - "magic". Therefore, my definition of magic is somewhat different from the “traditional" one (I believe that some of you have realized that), although it does inherit some traditional features. As such, this book series may read like “pure" magic fantasy for the first couple of books, but they are gradually heading towards a different direction as the series go on. The bottom line is, anything is possible, and we should always have an open mind. Whichever cat that catches most mice is the best cat, regardless of its color or size.

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