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Code of Rainbow Artwork Production

Would like an ebook for free? It's here !

Dear Coders (short for "Code of Rainbow Readers" :D ),

Quite a few lovely Coders asked me: "How did you get your book cover done? It's nice and I really like it."

Well, it did take quite some efforts for the artist to make a book cover from sketch (and of course, my money went with it). Here I've made a gif above to show you some of the intermediate steps in making the cover of book 1. As you can see, it was nicely and gradually produced. But not every artist does good jobs, and this artist was certainly not the first one who I approached. so I also showed another cover below on the left - the rejected version for book 1 .

Holy crap, right?

I did pay for this rejected artist too, but not as much as the final one. I guess my conclusion was that one does need to pay to do things properly - in my case, I actually paid a lot on different things to get the first book done, because this series is my first one and I had zero experience before. So, inevitably, some money was wasted, but the good thing was that the book 1 was finally out (and now the book 2 was released too) :D

Being an author/writer is not easy. And producing a book cover is probably the easiest piece in releasing a book.

But I'm NOT saying the style of my cover is even close to the best, because some professionals said it's not the most popular style in the book market in terms of attracting readers to purchase. But I don't care much about that - selling is not my primary goal. I'm enjoying sharing my stories, my philosophies, and my style of cover (I designed the cover for the artist to draw). Speaking of this, you probably have noticed that Code of Rainbow is quite different from most magic fantasy stories that you might have read. One of the reasons might be that I'm not a full-time writer and I don't live on writing. That enables me to really sit down and listen to my heart and only write what I myself value as art, without worrying too much about playing up to the market.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this bit of taste from producing Code of Rainbow. On a different note, the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session has finished a while ago (btw, the winner's ID spells "VIPRHONDA" and the free signed hardcopy was on its way). The link below is still valid, in case you are interested - the questions were so good that they covered a lot of background stories of Code of Rainbow. I deeply appreciated it and was surprised at the passion of the participants. Some of them were not Coders before, but now they are - welcome!

Again, thanks so much again for your interest in Code of Rainbow!

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